It is that time of year again. Giving gifts, spreading cheer, over-eating . . . .

And, yes, paying too much for timeshare maintenance fees. We have represented over 800 disappointed Timeshare Owners.

One of the big questions is, “Why do my dues go up each year?”
Some of the reasons are,
1) Increased expenses because of COVID and inflation;
2) Bad debt caused by smart people getting out of their timeshares;
3) Corporate Greed.

The 2021 operating budget for one major Timeshare Company Owners Association was almost $390,000,000! Yes, that’s MILLIONS.

Where does all that money go? Some goes to pay maintenance and legitimate expenses. But MILLIONS of Dollars are used to pay other “providers” owned or controlled by the Timeshare Company. The fraud and deceit never ends. Many owners are paying these high fees and have not even used their timeshare in years. Are you tired of paying too much for something you never use?

Call us today and learn how we can stop the waste permanently. We will get you out of your timeshare, guaranteed, or your money back!

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