Property Disputes

Our firm is frequently called upon to resolve property disputes. Resolving these conflicts between co-owners of property, adjacent property owners, and other parties can be a difficult task.

However, our team is here to help navigate you through these disputes.

Property disputes most often involve disputes between:

  • Neighbors
  • Property Owners
  • Visitors to the Property
  • Mortgage Lenders and Creditors
  • Government Agencies

In our experience, the most common dispute between neighbors is a boundary/property line dispute. Because there are various types of boundary disputes, you certainly want experienced legal guidance to offer winning approaches to solving the problem. Keep in mind, seeing an attorney doesn’t mean you are filing a lawsuit. Most often, suggestions will be offered that will not include going to court.


Our firm has handled many property disputes. Contact us if agreements can not be made on a home, apartment, condo, or another type of real estate as it relates to:

  • Condemnation

    Condemnation is a process by which private property is taken for the purpose of public use. If you feel that your private property has been marked for condemnation, you should contact our lawyers immediately.

  • Property or Boundary Lines

    When titles and boundary lines were recorded many years ago, a title and boundary dispute can arise between neighbors and family. Our lawyers are here to fight for your piece of property.

  • Obstruction of View

    Obstruction of your scenic view can impact your property value. When problems arise, there are steps you need to take to prevent construction or planting. Call our expert lawyers to preserve your scenic view.

  • Breach of Sales Contract

    If your real estate purchase agreement contains terms and conditions that were breached, call us immediately. You may have a legal claim.

  • Construction Defects

    A construction defect is a condition in your home that reduces its value. This covers a number of potential problems, from exposed nails and peeling paint to cracked foundations and structural failure. The number of construction defect cases is on the increase as more homes are constructed to meet the demands for housing

  • Clear Title

    Having a clear title is so important in real estate matters because property cannot be sold or transferred unless there is a clear title on hand. An imperfect title, or any defects could negate a transfer or transaction.

  • Easements

    An easement allows a person limited access to another person’s property. Call us for advice if you encounter a conflict with an easement.

Choosing the right law firm is crucial for resolving property disputes.

For the best possible results and the justice you deserve, contact Kelaher Connell & Connor. Gene, Sid and Lisa have years of experience with this practice area. Click to learn more about each of these outstanding attorneys.