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South Carolina law protects consumers from deceptive, fraudulent, and unfair business practices when purchasing goods and services.

As a consumer, when you spend your hard earned money on a service or product, you should get what was represented. When consumer law is violated, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney to protect your rights. The lawyers of Kelaher, Connell & Connor, have the legal experience and knowledge to assist you.

What is Consumer Law?

There are laws and regulations which protect consumers from unfair business practices. A consumer is any person who purchases a service or good sold by a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer for personal use. The primary function of consumer law is to protect consumers from companies which might take advantage of them.

For instance, consumer law covers laws relevant to:

  • Proper disclosures in the sale and financing of products
  • Negotiating with bill collectors
  • Resolving inaccuracies on your credit report
  • Unfair sales practices by auto dealers
  • Timeshare misrepresentation

Most Common Unlawful Practices

  • Odometer tampering – Misrepresenting the mileage a used vehicle
  • Unfair debt collection practices – Calling you at work
  • Price misrepresentation – Charging closing fees for the sale of a vehicle
  • Defective vehicles – Salvage titles, prior wrecks, and flood damage
  • Timeshare sales – Misrepresentation of cost and resale value.

Consumer law remedies may include:

  • Repurchase of defective vehicle
  • Money damages
  • Punitive damages
  • Triple damages
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Court order to stop the unfair practice

Kelaher, Connell & Connor attorneys help consumers obtain justice.

Our team is comprised of dedicated lawyers with expertise in working with individual consumers, small businesses, and large groups of consumers in class action litigation. We speak to consumers in everyday language and offer practical solutions. Our firm has found much success by taking a practical but aggressive approach to holding corporate wrongdoers responsible and enforcing consumer rights. Achieving results for consumer clients is our drive, regardless of the size of the case.


  • Timeshare Terminations

    The Timeshare Law makes it unlawful for the Timeshare Corporation to defraud the purchasers. Learn More –>

  • Construction Defects

    Lawsuits for construction defects include negligence, breach of contract, fraud, defective materials and design flaws. If you believe your home may have construction defects, contact our attorneys immediately.

  • Home Foreclosure

    Home foreclosures can be stressful and overwhelming. Our experienced lawyers offer support and will help negotiate with your lenders.

  • Hosptial Bills

    Many patients face financial crisis from medical bills. Our lawyers will help develop a plan to help resolve your medical debt.

  • Lemon Laws – Cases Involving Cars, Boats and RVs

    If you feel you have purchased a vehicle that is defective, the South Carolina lemon law is designed to protect you. South Carolina also requires the dealership to pay your legals fees. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated numerous lemon law claims.

  • Life Insurance Claims

    On many occasions the firm has represented individuals who were denied life insurance benefits by the life insurance company based on some alleged problem in the application process. We have been very successful in resolving these favorably for our clients.

  • Mechanics Lien Claims

    These cases involve contractors or suppliers who have worked on homes or businesses and have not been paid for their labor or materials. The law allows you to file a lien on the property you are working on provided you file the lien in the courthouse within a specific period of time. If you have this type of claim contact us immediately to protect your rights.

  • TimeShare Fraud

    If you did not get what you were promised in a Timeshare sale, we can help to get what you were promised or get out of your Timeshare completely.

If you have a problem, our lawyers can help.

Our office has handled many consumer law cases against car dealers, banks, insurance companies, retail establishments and finance companies. If you think you have a consumer claim, keep in mind that time is of the essence. For best results, these claims should be filed quickly. If you have a consumer claim, contact our office for a free consultation. We will advise you as to whether you can hold the seller liable. Gene, Sid and Lisa have years of experience with this practice area. Click to learn more about each of these outstanding attorneys.