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What is Commercial Law?

Commercial law, also known as business law, governs the rights, conducts, and regulations of individuals and merchants engaged in business. This broad sector of the law includes:

  • The sale of goods and services
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Security interests
  • Tax planning
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Lease agreements
  • And much more


  • Arbitration

    Arbitration is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts, wherein the parties to a dispute refer to an arbitrator by whose decision they agree to be bound. Our attorneys can consider your case and help you determine whether arbitration is right for you.

  • Condominium Association Disputes

    When dealing with small or large home owner associations, Kelaher, Connell and Connor can help. Our lawyers have experience dealing with associates for condominiums and single family developments. Whether you are a developer or owner, we understand the legal nuances.

  • Director Liability

    Directors, officers, and concerned shareholders need an attorney to evaluate claims that fiduciary duties have been violated.

  • Foreclosures

    If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, our experienced lawyers can help you determine your options, including filing for bankruptcy. Our attorneys can also represent you in a foreclosure proceeding to insure your interests and rights are protected.

  • Insurance Contracts

    If your commercial insurance company denies your claim and your policy covers the type of damage or loss claimed, you should file an immediate appeal. If they still refuse to pay, we can help you take legal action for breach of contract and/or bad faith. Our lawyers know the state’s laws and we give you the best chance of winning your lawsuit.

  • Real Estate Disputes

    Real estate disputes can take a long time to resolve, and may involve many financial and court resources. Our experienced litigation attorneys can help with any type of real estate conflict.

  • Shareholder Action

    There are various rights associated with becoming a shareholder. If you have been treated unfairly as a minority shareholder, call us for advice on your options.

Choose Kelaher, Connell and Connor P.C.

If you are struggling with a commercial law matter, allow our firm to get to work on your case and assist you in negotiating your way to a successful outcome. Our experienced team will explain how the law applies to your situation and suggest the most efficient course of action designed to protect your legal rights. As timing is everything in these situations, call us today to schedule your consultation! Gene, Sid and Lisa have years of experience with this practice area. Click to learn more about each of these outstanding attorneys.